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Yakov Gershkovich’s secrets to beauty and youth

Yakov Gershkovich’s secrets to beauty and youth
That’s what you call luck! Yakov Gershkovich spent only 3 days in Moscow but I managed to meet him. Several years have passed since he returned to Tel Aviv from Moscow and opened a clinic of exclusive cosmetic technologies. No matter how successful his professional career becomes, he never forgets about Russia or the CIS and constantly comes back to Moscow and other cities to share his professional experience.

Don't rush to quote Pushkin’s famous “experience – son of harsh mistakes”, because to that he will reply the following: “Mistakes aren’t forgiven in Israel. They effectively damage reputations”. Yakov’s reputation is spotless, because for many years he’s been working for his name, and now his name works for him. His experience started in the pharmaceutical college of Novosibirsk, and continued when he moved to Israel and gained extensive knowledge in alternative medicine followed by years and years of successful practice that lead Yakov to the very top of his profession as an aesthetical massagist. Several years ago he came across an opportunity to yet again upgrade his abilities by studying a unique facial massage technique in France! Having received the basic guidance, he then perfected his system on his own. So what is the main idea of his massage? Making plastic surgeries and beauty injections unnecessary for his clients.

What is this massage, you ask?
It’s made of 2 parts: First – sculptural – making the patient feel like a piece of clay in the expert’s skillful hands. He literally sculpts the face anew, getting rid of all excess: double chin, puffy sagging cheeks, misplaced eyelids, lowered mouth corners, wrinkles between the eyebrows, etc. The second part – deep tissue (buccal) – is Yakov’s personal “know how”. His work is unique and unparalleled. Having put on his gloves, he starts to work on every single mimic facial muscle both from the outside and the inside through the oral cavity. As a result the facial muscle tone is improved, the facial frame is strengthened, all defects are diminished and mimic wrinkles disappear. Yakov makes sure his students know how to relax and tone the facial muscles without Botox and other poisonous methods.

Today his innovative method is the only risk-free alternative to surgical correction. It’s a custom for every surgical procedure to result in serious unhealthy consequences that often lead to legal actions, and the cosmetology market is filled with fabricated products that cause severe allergic reactions.

This method, like any other, still has an archenemy. Its name is gravity, the only thing that can ruin the effort. That is why a successful treatment always has to be followed by regular supporting procedures to keep the results intact.
Of course, Yakov Gershkovich may not have the opportunity to give treatment to every Russian woman. That is the reason for his conscious effort to share his knowledge on courses for the quality of which he personally vows. He undertakes small studying groups, because as a specialist he does his best to find a special teaching method for each student; “Our courses can be called individual”, he declares. The success of his studying courses already formed a professional following of people more than capable of restoring facial beauty and youth.