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Some facts about Yakov Gershkovich

Some facts about Yakov Gershkovich
Yakov Gershkovich's successful career as one of the most notorious Israeli sculptural* massage specialists started from the medicine college in Novosibirsk. He had ended his classic massage courses on the base of his first education, which then affected his determination to focus on alternative medicine and became the starting point of his ongoing professional path.

In 1992 Yakov moved to Israel, and like many other repatriates he struggled to find his place in a new society that was new to him and his family, and despite this radical change, life lead him right back to alternative medicine. After finishing healing & Thai massage courses in 2001, Yakov Gershkovich reignited his professional practice. He had been offered to work in the luxurious hotels of Eilat and the Dead Sea, where he spent his time perfecting his craftsmanship.

In order to be in tact with his profession, Yakov makes a conscious effort to master new technologies and techniques in his field and discover the secrets of his craft. That is why he continued to educate himself in Moscow, which at the time was the best habitat for his growth and perfection in various kinds of massage techniques.

At that time Yakov was particularly interested in aesthetical forms of body & face massage techniques. Having received his desired education through fitness forming face & body massage courses alongside with acquiring popularity in his field, he then started working in the elite beauty salons of Moscow. Many celebrities and politicians had acknowledged Yakov's abilities and became a part of his devoted clientele. 

To make his talents unrestricted Yakov had went to Paris, where he, like countless other professionals in his field, graduated from prestigious courses for unique sculptural massage. Having returned from France, he continued to develop the aesthetic forms of his specialty and successfully practice sculptural massage in Israel.

Yakov had now decided to share his talent and started his own guiding and educational programs. At this moment, many professional cosmetologists are able to study his unique method under his supervision in the international aesthetic massage school – "Avantage", where they can perfect their skills both in Israel and the CIS.

Despite his occupancy and regular master-classes, Yakov isn't putting his practice on hold in his "Kikar-ha-medina" clinic in Tel Aviv, and countless women and men regardless of their age get the opportunity to halt their aging process and stay young & beautiful without devoting themselves to injections or plastic surgeries.