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The sensational method for non-surgical rejuvenation

The traditionally suggested massage treatments in Israel have recently received a sensational update – the sculptural face massage. But this new trend is yet to gain popularity among many patients.

Specialists claim that this method holds the key to the future of facial rejuvenation. If sculptural massage treatment in the past could only be received in Europe, then now the phenomenal procedure can also be conducted here. The ability to preserve one's youth & beauty without taking steps toward radical procedures in the form of plastic surgeries is the center of this method's immense popularity.

The sculptural massage technique does exactly what it spells. In fact, the specialist becomes a skillful sculptor who molds the client's face, correcting problematic areas and creating ideal, youth-like lines. At the base of the method lies medical knowledge of the facial anatomy, thus allowing it to be superior to previously executed procedures.

The fact is that with age it becomes not enough to simply moisten and feed the skin, and it's necessary to activate the exchange processes in tissues on a deeper level. The problem is located a bit deeper, namely in the muscles, it is their "toning" that effectively aids the facial procedure's effectiveness.

In his craft, the professional follows specific lines that include all the specialties of the facial form whilst applying deep pressure, affecting the muscles, blood and lymphatic vessels located underneath the skin. During the massage, much attention is given to every group of facial muscles, because in the process of our everyday life they're practically inactive. This massage technique aids in returning a youth-like facial form and highlights the lymphatic drainage effect, thanks to which the visual clearness in decreased.

The sculptural massage itself takes 30 to 45 minutes. The specialist uses the principle of approaching each muscle group individually and setting an appropriate time-frame depending the muscles' current tone. Recommended number of procedures: 8 to 12 times a year
The sculptural facial massage is an anti-aging program recommended from the age of 25. This method is an excellent prophylactic that simultaneously prevents the aging process and erases any traces of fading skin when used at an older age. Telangiectasia, which forbids any other kinds of massage, isn’t a problem for the sculptural massage. Specialists claim that the method and its cosmetic devices used during the massage only help strengthen the vessel wall. Today the sculptural massage is the ultimate alternative to cosmetic surgeries and injection therapy.