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Massage courses

Massage courses
Yakov Gershkovich's massage course "Sculptural and deep tissue (buccal) massage". You will learn all there is to know about the detailed hand positioning and methods of finding the mimic facial muscles during the deep tissue procedure, as well as understand all the nuances of fitness face lifting. The master will unveil the secrets of the method that lead him to success here and abroad. If you've long wanted to become acknowledged in the upper echelon of VIP-class cosmetology and didn't know how to achieve it, the deep tissue (buccal) massage is your ultimate chance to get to a new level. You can conquer the elite of your city with this method and experience actual profit!

With each day, more and more women ask this question when choosing an anti-aging therapy procedure: "Will it harm me?" A plastic surgery is, and always will be, a surgical procedure, and the Botulinum toxin will forever stay a harmful toxin no matter how you put it. But there is a cure – the innovative method of sculptural deep-tissue massage. No surgeries and no harm done to your skin, only the expert's skillful hands!

The courses are carried out by the Israeli specialist in this field – anesthetist of VIP-class Yakov Gershkovich.
How does it work? First of all, the expert conducts the massage on 3 sculptural lines of the face, restoring the clear edges of the face as well as diminishing pouches under the eyes and sagging skin. The massagist "sculpts" the face from scratch, restoring its youthful look. The achieved results then get double-proofed to keep them from disappearing, in order to do that every facial muscle gets worked on thoroughly from start to finish. The massage is always conducted with sterile gloves on the expert's hands, because the inner muscles can only be reached through the oral cavity (buccal).

The effect is equal to plastic surgery – it's a complete fitness for the facial muscles, which are very hard to train in any other way. The exchange processes are restored and the skin becomes fresh and delicate. Moreover, after the massage every client tends to smile, as the method also has an anti-stress effect: muscle blocks disappear. Celebrities, politicians and top-managers already chose this method. Now it's your chance to work with VIP-clientele!