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No grimacing! Grimacing! Lift your spirit. It’s time for a massage!

No grimacing! Grimacing! Lift your spirit. It’s time for a massage!
I went to try the massage and really liked it. I’m not urging anyone to follow my example, but I will share my new-found knowledge.

There are countless kinds of massage, all of which I absolutely cannot stand. From the general, which sounds a lot like cleaning up your entire house, to more specific ones: aromatic, therapeutic, with hot stones, for heels & hands, voluntary torture with needles and magnets, medical, for recovery, exotic, etc. I dislike them for one reason: severe headaches after any kind of massage.

I don’t like any of them, that’s why my decision to try this facial massage was weird at the least. The curiosity ended up overtaking my fear of migraines; adding to that, the person responsible for my persuasion greets his clients in his personal office, located in “Kikar Ha-Medina” in the center of Tel-Aviv, where it’s always a treat to go on a stroll across the streets tightly filled with accessible coff  ee and inaccessible shop-windows. His name is Yakov Gershkovich – the first Israeli massagist qualified for the sculptural facial massage method. The absence of any kind of injections is a basic principle of this method, and it manages to correct defects and restore past beauty solely by the means of the expert’s fingers.

Officially, this massage of the face and head is called “buccal” (or the harder to pronounce - “sublingual”; buccal comes from the French “bouche”, which routes back to the Latin “buccalis” - mouth). The buccal massage is executed through the oral cavity. Cheek muscles are the biggest facial muscles, and it is their inevitable sagging that changes the form of the face, thus toning these muscles is the purpose of the buccal massage. It's a complex massage of the oral region that includes deep cleansing & nurturing of the skin with oxygen, followed by a lifting massage through the oral cavity that tones and stimulates the mimic muscles of the mouth whilst smoothing the mimic wrinkles. Simply put, you're face is massaged from the inside without special devices, octopus tentacles and hypnosis. It's all much less complicated: Your mouth is opened while the massagist puts on long sterile gloves; you don't move. And generally speaking, this massage is every man's dream, because it makes their women unable to speak for 45 minutes!

The massage doesn't feel like you fell under an asphalt paver, but the pressure from the specialist's hands is persistently high since its purpose is to not only tackle the outer layers of skin, but to also affect the deep tissue and the facial bone structure. Pressure applied on 1 square centimeter of skin can reach 5 kilograms, ergo bravery is necessary to go through the process. In addition, Yakov gives his clients homework and explains which complex has to be exercised regularly at home.

The sculptural facial massage can be routed back to several methods like the Japanese osteopathic massage "Zogan", the facial lymphatic drainage massage, Shiatsu and the Tibet massage