Yakov Gershkovich Sculpture Face Lifting School
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Meet Yakov Gershkovitch and the newest method of French sculpture face massage in Israel!  

Aside from normal forms of massage practiced in aesthetic cosmetology, Yakov Gershkovitch uses new methods meant to replace radical ways of face and body rejuvenation and postpone plastic surgeries. Among these are exclusive methods: fitness forming body and face massages and the innovative French sculptural face massage – Hollywood stars' favorite cosmetic procedure. 

Скульптурный Лифтинг Лица Видеокурс для профессионалов

Быстродейственная методика естественного самоомоложения и фитнеса лица 


Видеокурс самомассаж

Обучение  массажным приемам по своей эффективности успешно заменяющим пластические операции

Видеокурс Скульптурный лифтинг лица Самомассаж

Обучение системе массажных приемов и упражнений для увеличения тонуса и подтяжки мышц лица

Some facts about Yakov Gershkovich

Yakov Gershkovich's successful career as one of the most notorious Israeli sculptural* massage specialists started from the medicine college in Novosibirsk. He had ended his classic massage courses on the base of his first education, which then affected his determination to focus on alternative medicine and became the starting point of his ongoing professional path.
* Yakov Gershkovich – the leading Israeli specialist in sculptural massage.
In 1992 Yakov moved to Israel, and like many other repatriates he struggled to find his place in a new society that was new to him and his family, and despite this radical change, life lead him right back to alternative medicine. After finishing healing & Thai massage courses in 2001, Yakov Gershkovich reignited his professional practice. He had been offered to work in the luxurious hotels of Eilat and the Dead Sea, where he spent his time perfecting his craftsmanship.

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